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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 8, 2009 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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it's wednesday, july 8th. this morning, a family says farewell to a son, brother and father. >> and i just wanted to say i love him so much. >> michael jackson's children, out from behind the veil for the first time. now, what will happen to them? and where will the pop star find e internal rest? and global threats. the president moves on to italy to tackle some of the planet's the president moves on to italy to tackle some of the planet's most pressing problems. captions paid for by abc, inc. good morning. and thanks for being with us. from new york, i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm jeremy hubbard, in los angeles. less than 24 hours after the
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public memorial celebrating michael jackson, new questions are popping up. his death certificate is now public. but the cause of death, not listed. and the cash-strapped city of los angeles, is scrambling, trying to figure out how to pay for all the extra security at the memorial. even posting a website, seeking donations from the public. carla wohl joins us more from the staples center with more. good morning, kara. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy. michael jackson's casket left the memorial. but no one is sure where it is or when he will be buried. michael jackson's good-bye was both personal -- >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> reporter: and it was professional. motowns berry gordy remembering the man he said was more than the king of pop. >> i think he is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived. >> reporter: a pastor urged the
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audience to let the music help them heal. ♪ where there is love i'll be there ♪ >> reporter: there were songs from mariah carey, lionel richie, stevie wonder. and rusher. ♪ gone too soon >> reporter: emotional tributes from brooke shields and al sharpton, who spoke about how jackson outsang his cynics. >> every time he got knocked down, he got back up. every time we counted him out, he came back in. michael never stopped. michael never stopped. >> reporter: jackson was there, too. on video. his famous moves filling the arena. then, his family and performers joined on stage, singing jackson's hit song. ♪ we are the world >> reporter: there are still
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questions about how michael jackson died and where he will be buried. but there is no doubt in the legacy he leaves behind. jeremy? >> and, carla, still so many questions, as you mentioned, about the burial, where and when it's going to take place. what else are you hearing about that? >> reporter: well, police aren't saying where the casket is. the folks at forest lawn said it would not be brought back there after the memorial. and there are reports he will not be buried there. it is possible he could be buried there at a later date. we know his brother, jermaine jackson, it's his desire to be buried at his ranch, at neverland. but they'd have to overcome some legal hurdles for that to happen. although his ashes could be scattered there. it is a bit of a mystery. we'll have to wait and see. >> all right. abc's carla wohl in downtown los angeles. thanks, carla. did the day live up to the hype? outside staples center,
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estimated crowds of 500,000 people, never materialized. just a few hundred were there, as most stayed home and watched it on tv. tv estimates put it at 1 million people worldwide. that's dwarfed by those who watched princess diana's memorial. many said it tie order surpassed the viewership of the obama inauguration. millions turned out to pay tribute to the pop icon. and sonia gallego has more on how the world said good-bye. good morning, sonia. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy. the london papers all leading with the incredibly touching ceremony. on the stages of "the london sun," splashes of pictures of jackson's children. now, london was, of course, the place where jackson was meant to play 50 concerts this month, in which he called his final curtain call. all across the world, fans took time to watch the service and
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mourn the king of pop. already set to be one of the most-watched television events of all-time, from berlin, to beirut and hong kong, they gathered to watch the memorial on big screens. in russia's red square, fans played his music outloud, which they say ang loy to, and released balloons to commemorate. on some held candles as a vigil to their music hero. over no in asia, they gathered in tokyo and hong kong, to remember their idol. wearing fedoras and holding candles. they held silent vigils in malls and outside record stores in memory of the legendary singer. and the 50 shows supposed to be starting in the coming week. instead, fans remembered the life of the pop legend.
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all of these commemorations were just another indicator of how much jackson was adored the world over. as a paragon of music inspiration that the fans will sorely miss. jeremy? >> abc's sonia gallego from london this morning. thanks, sonia. we'll have more on the jackson investigation, coming up on "good morning america." including an exclusive interview with jackson's dermatologist, dr. arnold klein. he has some strong opinions about jackson's drug use. that's on "gma" at 7:00. a new congressional report finds major security lapses at the nation's federal buildings. investigators were able to smuggle bombmaking material into ten of those facilities. once inside, they were able to construct the bombs and carry them around. homeland security officials are likely to be grilled about the bombs in a senate hearing later today. overseas, where president obama has arrived in italy for the g-8 summit. he urged russians to leave the
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past behind. yunji de nies is traveling with the president. >> reporter: good morning. day three of the president's trip abroad, finds him in rome for the g-8 summit. three days with world leaders to talk about the global economy and international security. the white house said the president has had a very successful trip so far. here in russia, he and president medvedev, each agreed to work to cut nuclear weapon stockpiles by at least 30%. yesterday, he said government can only do so much. >> this has to be more than a fresh start between the kremlin and the white house. although that is important. it must be sustained effort, among the american and russian people. >> reporter: looking ahead to the g-8, that meeting will the held in central italy, in l'aquila, the town that suffered a major earthquake. italian prime minister, silvio
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berlusconi moved the summit there to help boost the local economy. he caps off the leg of his trip with a visit to the vatican and pope benedict xvi. after that, it's off to ghana. and now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. showers and thunderstorms in the midwest and northern plains, with hail, gusty winds and a chance of tornadoes from montana to missouri. thunderstorms with heavy rain in the southeast and the gulf coast. and scattered showers and thunderstorms also in new england. a wet 73 in boston. 83 in new york. and 83 in baltimore. 100 in dollar. st. louis will hover near 90. while chicago and detroit are in the 70s. just 65 in seattle. 77 in boise. and 84 in sacramento. coming up next from los angeles and new york, a clear sign of bernard madoff's wife may escape any prosecution for his multibillion-dollar scheme. and the jackson children, destined for a life in the spotlight.
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stocks are lower across the board this morning. tokyo's nikkei average tumbled nearly 2.5% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. in london, the ftse opened slightly lower. wall street starts the day with the dow at 8163, its lowest since early april, after dropping 161 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell 41 points to
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close at 1746. a federal judge has refused to fast-track appeals of general motors' sale. the decision pretty much clears the way for gm to sell its best assets to a government-controlled company, ending its brief stay in bankruptcy. product liability and asbestos groups are trying to block the sale down. billionaire oil man, t. boone pickens is suspending plans to build the world's biggest wind farm in texas. instead, pickens plans to build three or four smaller wind farms in several different states. ruth madoff has gotten her passport back. those close to the case, say it's a clear sign prosecutors do not intend to charge her in connection with her husband's multibillion-dollar ponzi scheme. bernard madoff was sentenced to
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150 years in prison last week. oscar mayer has died. he's the third oscar mayer in the company. his father and grandfather shared the name. coming up next on this wednesday, presley, lennon, cole. suns and daughters who followed their parents into the spotlight. will the jacksons do the same? i'm able to get out there and play with them. it means the world to me. problem is, i pay for it with the pain. the doctor diagnosed that i have arthritis undernath my kneecap. a real sharp, strong sensation. it aches. when i feel the pain coming on, go take two aleve. works fast, kicks in, and it lets me keep up with my kids. i want to teach them the value of family. i'm very proud of both of my sons. i couldn't ask for better.
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welcome back. these are the latest headlines from abc news. the coroner here in los angeles has issued a death certificate for michael jackson, leaving out the cause of death for now. that will likely come when toxicology tests are complete. president obama arrives in italy today, to talk about the global economy and international security with other world leaders. and congressional investigators were able to smuggle bombmaking material inside ten federal buildings, according to a new report.
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a senate committee hears more about the security lapses later today. jeremy, there in l.a., i'm sure the papers have great pictures of the procession yesterday. "the new york post" has a great picture. you see young blanket, the youngest of the three kids. it's interesting barbara walters pointed out. the kids were so used to veiling their faces. but a camera was on him. >> here's an early look at this morning's "los angeles times" with 2 headline "requiem for a king." their coverage includes a story about the chaos that never materialized here in los angeles. the massive crowds, expected to be 750,000 people never showed pup p they created a well-oiled machine here in los angeles. probably the most touching moment from yesterday's memorial, was the unexpected voice that came at the end. jackson's daughter, paris, surprised even the event planners by speaking on stage.
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paris and her two brothers are out from under the veils. but will forever live under the veil of their superstar dad. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father that you could ever imagine. and i just wanted to say i love him so much. >> reporter: it was the heart wrenching moment we won't soon forget. 11-year-old paris, katherine jackson, remembering her famous weather. there they were, the three kids, unmasked, on stage, grieving their famous dad. will life ever be normal, when your late father is described like this? >> i think he is simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived. >> reporter: we know from the past what can happen to the children of famous parents. from liza, to lisa marie. surprisingly, so many of them pursue a life in the spotlight,
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as well. ♪ never know how it feels for you ♪ >> reporter: both of john lennon's sons became musicians, but not as famously as their dad. and elvis' daughter, michael jackson's ex-wife, has tried her hand at music, too. some have performed duets with their late parents, with the help of technology. it's made for unforgettable moments. like this one with natalie cole, and her father, nat king cole, who died in 1965. ♪ that's why darling it's incredible ♪ >> reporter: of course, it's too early to say if fame is in the future for michael jackson's kids. although, there were rumors that prince jackson was planning to take the stage to sing with his famous dad. >> we want to thank you all for loving our brother. and our family.
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>> reporter: they have been thrust into the limelight forever, just like the children of famous parents before them. whether or not they choose to become entertainers, there's another aspect of being michael jackson's children, that will follow them for the rest of his lives, how to market his legacy. elvis made $52 million. and john lennon's estate earned $6.5 million. no one knows how big jackson's earning potential is. but some say his estate could be out from under a mountain of debt in the next few months. some big decisions ahead for the jackson family. overseas, now, in south korea, hackers have apparently taken over some of 2 government's bank and intelligence sites. they are looking into the possibility that north korea is behind the outage. the attacks are similar to once here in the u.s., that began on july 4th. secretary of state hillary clinton has kept a low profile since breaking her elbow in a
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fall three weeks ago. but she appeared at a brief press conference yesterday, sporting a black sling, emblazon with the seal of his office. coming up, lance armstrong and the tour de france. and more from los angeles. you're watching "america this morning." 7 decisions, decisions.
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couple of typos in there, too. these are for sale on ebay. we checked a minute ago. highest bid so far this morning about $660 for people who want to buy one of those who couldn't attend in person. >> now, i'm certainly hoping you're going to get me one of those and bring it back. all right, jeremy. it's time, now, for sports. here jonathan coachman at espn news. >> good morning. we're going to start in the big apple. manny ramirez back in new york, for the first time since his 50-game suspension. pick it up top of the first. he's going to be called out on a strike. not happy about it argues a little bit. but does go back to the dugout. top of the second. bases loaded. manny needs to come through. and he does. the inside-out swing to center. matt camp. dodgers up 3-0. manny, two for four and three rbis. top of five now. manny, bases loaded again. called out again.
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clearly caught the outside corner. he lets that elbow pad fly. that would be enough. john hurtzag said, done. e it was clearly off the outside corner. joe torre argues a little bit. dodgers win anyway. 8-0, is your final. indians and the white sox. paul konerko, only one home run in his last nine games. he would make up for that, though. bottom of the sixth. solo shot. konerko's 14th. bottom of the sixth. konerko again. this time, a grand salami. his second home run of the game. white sox lead 5-3. bottom of the seventh. are you kidding me? you bet. everything happens in threes. konerko, seven rbis. white sox win, 10-6. that will do it for now. jeremy and vinita, back to you. a quick note


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